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Black Slavonian pork

The secret of top-quality kulen lies in the ideal balance of select meat and the finest paprika.

Experienced makers manually stuffed this kulen into the natural casing “katica”, smoked it on natural beechwood smoke and monitored its curing for six months.

The knowledge, effort and time invested in making this kulen result in its complete authenticity, fullness and well-roundedness.

Packaging: Top quality is accompanied by special packaging in fine golden paper and a luxurious box, approx. 1000 g, approx. 500 g

Return from oblivion

The story of the Black Slavonian pig is actually the story of an indigenous Croatian pig that started to be bred more than a century ago. Although very resistant and adapted to being bred in our region, the Black Slavonian pig still fell into oblivion…

Only the new diet and lifestyle trends that seek authenticity and quality are bringing the Black Slavonian pig and its exceptional meat back into Croatian cuisine.

Quality guarantee

Outdoor breeding is ideal for the Black Slavonian pig. That is why Belje placed its herd of several hundred Black Slavonian pigs on the pastures of the Kopački Rit Nature Park, one of the best-preserved nature reserves in Europe. This is a guarantee of premium-quality, highly valued meat from which this kulen is also prepared.