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Belje cones

Cardboard cones filled with cured meat products, olives and grissini are ideal snacks when throwing an outdoor party. Cones prepared in this manner are everyone’s favourite and are incredibly simple to make. They nicely complement all sorts of decorations and are very practical. You can fill them with various products, and you can make the cones yourself.

30 minutes

To make the cones, you need cardboard cups and baking paper.

Fold the baking paper. Place the cup so that when you roll it, the top is in the middle. Now wrap the cup, cut off the excess and tape the backside with Sellotape. Arrange the bottom so that the paper does not stick out. Fill the cone with products of your choice.


  • 100 g Belje Baranja bacon
  • 15 grissini
  • 10 olives
  • 10 pieces cheese
  • 10 tomatoes
  • 10 peppers
  • Handful of crackers


Put three pieces of bacon on each skewer. Put an olive, cheese, tomato and pepper on another skewer. Place three grissini in each basket, one bacon skewer and one olive skewer. Put the crackers at the bottom and add an olive, a piece of cheese and a tomato.

Arrange the cones on the table.